Thursday, 3 September 2015

Annonce / Announcement

L'équipe Magenta est fière de vous annoncer que Christine Gaudreault, de MarieLune Design, fait maintenant partie de l'équipe artistique de Magenta en tant que designer graphique et artiste. Vous aurez donc la chance et le privilège d'être inspiré par ses créations à l'année longue!

Vous pouvez la contacter à: pour vos questions, commentaires ou suggestions.

The Magenta team is happy to introduce, as part of our artistic team, Christine Gaudreault from MarieLune Design. Christine is an amazing graphic designer and artist, and you will have the chance and the privilege to be inspired by her work all year long!

You can reach her at: for all your questions, comments or suggestions.


  1. Christine, I love all that you have designed for Magenta. I hope to see many more of your beautiful artistry designs and look forward to your artistry as a member of the Magenta Design Team. I'm so excited for you.

  2. So great to be on the team and to work with your designs!