Monday, 1 March 2021

Ellie's creative Monday / Lundi créatif d'Ellie

 Create the notebook by folding black cardstock, and approximately  6 white papers in half. 
- Use the 3-hole-binding to bind the notebook with waxed thread. 
- Cut the book to size. 

I had a part of the colored background left and created a bookmark from it. 

I folded the bookmark and added a thin strip of red doublesided tape to the upper edge on the inside. 
This way it will stick out a little at the top of the notebook, but also stay put. 

The background has been colored with Nuance. I love these colors together. 

It measures about 10 x 10,5 centimeters. 

1 comment:

Christine Alexander said...

wow Ellie, amazing colours and love the grunge stamp. your books are always amazing :)